Foot Orthotics

foot-orthoticsA foot orthosis (insole) is a device that supports your foot or improves the alignment to improve your foot function (biomechanics) or reduce pain.

We take great care in making sure our insoles are as supportive as possible yet as small and low profile as possible. If an insole to too bulky it will be uncomfortable in your shoe and therefore less effective.

At the initial assessment appointment (sometimes called biomechanical assessment) we will take a detailed history of your presenting problem. We will then look at your alignment in standing and walking (gait analysis). Also taking into account your muscle strength, ranges of movement and resistance to movement. We will then formulate a prescription also taking your footwear into account. A mould of your foot is then taken in a neutral or functional position.

You will then need to return for a fitting appointment two weeks later to check the fit on your foot and also in your footwear; ensuring they are comfortable. Should any minor adjustments be required within 6 weeks of receiving the insoles then this would be done without charge.