Orthopaedic footwear

We specialise in making custom made footwear to meet your individual needs. It is is important for footwear to fit well and be as comfortable as possible at the same time looking good. We make footwear for ladies, men and children. This ranges from lightweight soft shoes to sturdy hiking boots, sandals for the summer or golf shoes.

We provide 3 levels of service to get the right support and comfort for your requirements.

Stock footwear –

  • Shoes with extra width and/or depth compared to normal shop shoes.
  • This might be to accommodate broad or swollen feet or orthotic insoles.
  • Ideal for people who find shop shoes too tight or uncomfortable.
  • Can also be for children who need more supportive footwear than that of high street shoes.

Modular footwear –

  • Where a standard last is adjusted in specific areas.
  • For example making wider just at a bunion or deeper just at the toes. This ensures that the heel and instep still fit securely.

Bespoke footwear –

  • When lasts are created from plaster casts and numerous measurements of your feet.
  • This is for more complex foot requirements.

Ladies footwear

ladies-footwear ladies-shoe





Mens footwear

golf-shoe mens-footwear mens-shoe